Jamin P. Still

Jamin P. Still

Wichita, KS

“For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to illustrations and images related to stories. They have been the primary influence in developing my imagination. As a child, I drew and painted many of these types of images, and continued to pursue art in general through high school and college. I attended Wichita State University where I earned a degree in art history, painting, and English literature.

Since then, I have focused my efforts on developing story-related imagery. These types of pictures influenced me and I want to, in turn, be able to do that for others. I think the ideas of mystery and wonder in a narrative context are powerful ones, and my goal is to bring the viewer to a place where they can acknowledge mystery and wonder, and ask what the presence of these things in the world means for us.

For a number of years, painting was my sole creative expression. But over time, my desire to write stories to go along with my paintings has grown. I wanted to know what the stories of my paintings were, and so I began to write them down.

Now, I split my time between painting and writing. Painting opens up new story ideas, and writing fleshes those ideas out. I believe both of my mediums strengthen the other, though each can and do stand alone.

Ultimately, my desire is for the viewer and reader to engage with mystery and wonder. I want them to see it in my creative work, and hopefully, in turn, to see the mystery and wonder in our world with fresh eyes.”


Jamin Still has enjoyed stories and paintings since he was small. They worked in his heart and mind and kindled his imagination.

As a child Jamin drew and wrote and dreamed and that never really went away.

He went on to study painting, literature, and writing in college, and now he paints and writes for a living. His paintings are the inspiration for his stories, which take place in the world of Hibaria. His most recent book is The Master of Tides. It is the sequel to his 2020 collection of short stories, Tales of Hibaria: The Awakening.

He lives in a little stone house with his wife and three young children in Wichita, Kansas.