Jason Dailey Photography

Jason Dailey

Lawrence, Kansas

Jason Dailey is a Kansas based photographer, currently working wherever he can take a photograph. Jason enjoys exploring the world and always searching for non-traditional methods of capture. Since 2003, Jason's day job is hustling for the photography lifestyle by taking portrait photography and video. 
Jason has this to say about his process and passion: 
"Much of this body of work was developed after a long exploration of alternative image capture techniques and layering them along the way. There are several series represented here. Many are based on, and actively employ, three experiences; passing of time, the impermanence of moments and missing perfection.The elements in the photographs are familiar places easily found. An important aspect of the work is the ability to reproduce at least a few of the layered techniques at any given time at any given place. Non-traditional capture techniques eschew expectations.
These images explore removing our own roadblocks and defining a different language for landscapes that are more emotional and ethereal, something that cannot be taken or handled. A second theme emerges regarding the veracity of our memories; what and how we recall our past. Some of these images feel like unformed memories waiting for detail and each individual adds their own.  Fundamentally, the aim of the work is simply to skirt perfection and harvest from random moments."