Pebbles & Gold

Jackie Evans
Lawrence, Kansas

My grandmother always said “you dream about jewels or you don’t, it’s genetics.” I was a dreamer; a dreamer of beautiful places, spaces, healthy family and friends, and incredible jewelry. . . of course! My BA and MA of Interior Design has given me an amazing opportunity to express my love for creating the unexpected, the simple, and most importantly the serene. Creating healing environments was a passion. Making jewelry has always been a perfect extra facet of design, until I became a mother. In a magical instant my life and priorities became my sweet baby. I began wearing the largest and most protective agates to client’s homes (dangling just above my growing belly). . . and the divine happened! Clients began asking if I’d make jewelry for them too! And soon if it wasn’t around a neck it was framed on a wall or placed on a table.
 You see, natural stones are like magic. . . the agate is one of the oldest gemstones in recorded history used for its physical and emotional healing properties. The agate’s ability to protect and cure is unlike any other stone. Each agate is one of a kind, created through natural formations beneath the earth’s surface. Each agate species represents specific healing properties pertaining to the body, mind, and spirit. The same goes for many other naturally formed gemstones. My love for design continues to grow as I learn more about the incredible healing qualities of the world’s most beautiful treasures!