Pollywog Pottery

Johnny Hughes
Coalville, Utah

At age thirteen, I saw a man take a ball of dirt, put it on a wheel, spin it and like magic it turned into a beautiful vase. Throughout high school, I took as many ceramic classes as they would let me. I went on to Weber State University to study with Dave Cocks. While studying art, I opened a music store (Toad Tape) where I sold 8 tracks and records. For 25 years, my focus was on the store and my family; it wasn't until my son at age thirteen asked me to take a ceramics class with him that I returned to my first passion--clay. I went on to study with Diane and John Shaw at the Bountiful Extension of the University of Utah. I work with them as an assistant for ten years. I love playing in dirt and will continue to be amazed with the magic of ceramics for the rest of my life.