Running Rock Art - dichroic glass dragonfly - small 6"
John Running

Running Rock Art - dichroic glass dragonfly - small 6"

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Glass dragonflies with brilliant variegated colors highlighted with gold accents and fused with textured stainless steel wings makes a stunning combination that is simple yet elegant.

Each 5 inch dragonfly is handcrafted in Running Rock Art studio.

These are especially dramatic when arranged on a wall in a swarm or grouping, but also make a statement when sitting individually on a table or shelf.  A built-in mounting on the back is balanced to allow the dragonfly to be placed or hung in any direction. Dichroic glass is unique in that the coloring shifts as the light source or angle changes. Individual dragonflies will show coloring variations that are unique to that glass piece, while a few dragonflies together will offer a whole rainbow of colors that are brilliant and complimentary.

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured.