Allegheny Treenware

Stan and Sue Jennings
Thornton, West Virginia

All treenware is individually hand shaped and gouged making every one unique in its own way. Strength, durability and a pleasant shape are what this husband and wife team strive for. Only WV hardwoods are used to create these pieces. Many sanding steps are taken to ensure a satiny smooth finish. A three letter abbreviation is wood burned on the back of every handle to identify the wood species its made from along with our initials and date made. The most commonly used woods are cherry, maple, birch, beech, and walnut.
Proper care of your treenware simply means washing by hand and an occasional oiling with mineral or olive oil. Buff lightly with fine sand paper if the spoon develops a fuzzy feeling, then oil. Wooden utensils are recommended for today's non-stick surfaces. We offer a few of the most common uses for our difference pieces of treenware.