Steve and Rita Lohr

Steve and Rita Lohr
Olathe, Kansas

Steve and Rita Lohr
The creative collaboration between Steve & Rita Lohr has created a unique style of art. Rita's formal art training combined with Steve's informal 'hands on' training in photography has provided the opportunity to blend their two passions, painting and photography!

Atmosphere and fog have always been a joy to experience and evoke a strong sense of emotion. The technique they developed has enabled them to capture that in 2D form.

They prepare each piece of metal for a specific image by concentrating on four areas:
1. How much metal to expose
2. Movement
3. Texture
4. Color

They start with a bare sheet of aluminum and begin applying various products to achieve these goals. Once it dries, they print the image using a large format printer in their studio. The result creates an image that expresses the light, atmosphere and movement.