Windsparrow Studio

Jenny Grout

Seattle, WA

"Hello from Jenny and Windsparrow Studio! My block prints are original designs, hand carved and lovingly printed one at a time, giving each piece a unique touch. My work is inspired by my flower garden and the nature surrounding my home in the Pacific Northwest.

I was raised in Vermont, and after college moved to the Pacific Northwest and started an organic flower farm. In the summertime I created beautiful bouquets, and during the long, rainy winters I learned to make prints. Now, I’m a full-time artist, creating designs, carving blocks, and printing pretty things to send out into the world. I love it! My work is inspired by my flowers, my kitchen garden, and the wildlife surrounding my family’s home in Washington State.

I studied printmaking, drawing, and sculpture at Bennington College in Vermont and the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Printmaking was my favorite, and block printing especially. I truly enjoy how simple and accessible block printing is—I can carve a block at the dining room table or the local cafe, and then print my unique images onto almost anything.

All Windsparrow Studio products are designed, sewn, and hand printed in my studio overlooking the mountains and water of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My original blocks are hand carved and printed onto scarves, tea towels, garden flags, and more."