With Roots Jewelry

Sharon Goldberg
Brooklyn, NY

With Roots is a homegrown jewelry line; not only because it's a Brooklyn-based, one-woman business, but also because each With Roots piece features real plants inside. Sharon started With Roots in 2011.
"I had made some custom terrariums for a friend of mine," she says. "He liked them so much he told me he wished he could wear them! I did my research and made it happen, and With Roots was born." 
With Roots pieces aren't mere novelties; they're 
"the perfect way to wear nature.

The more you wear it, the happier the plant!

Each piece is handmade with organic materials. No two pieces will look exactly alike. Each one has it's own charm and character.

Care is super simple for these pieces!
Glass Vials:
Keep it in moderate sunlight/moderate temperatures. Direct sunlight for long periods of time can bleach the moss, turning it white or yellow.
Keep out of long term sun exposure. Sunlight can turn the resin a yellowish hue. 

Stained Glass:
Polish metal border with a soft cloth and jewelry polish or wax as needed.