Blue Frogs - Bird Sculpture (Steller's Jay)
Blue Frogs

Blue Frogs Company - Bird Sculpture (Steller's Jay) #B-45

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Steller’s Jay, a large songbird, is closely related to the Blue Jay found in the rest of the continent, except it has a black head and upper body. The Blue Jay is expanding its range westward and when they overlap the two species occasionally interbreed and produce hybrids.  They also happen to have the most commonly misspelled name of all birds.  They were discovered on an Alaskan island in 1741 and named after the man who found them, Georg Steller.

Beautifully crafted one at a time. Every step of the carving and painting process is done by hand with great attention to detail and as a finishing touch a French paste wax is buffed into the finish until a rich luster is obtained.

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than item pictured. Since each piece is unique, please reach out to us at (785) 843-0080 if interested in exact photos of what you will receive.