Far Above

by Drone Lawrence

May 26th - June 26th

Another exciting Final Friday awaits! In the Underground space, Drone Lawrence will be unveiling their new exhibition, ‘Far Above’, a unique perspective of familiar local and regional landmarks. You can meet with the artists, Nathan Mize & Seth Sanchez, and have the opportunity to learn about their latest aerial photographs on opening night, May 26th from 6pm to 9pm

Our West Gallery will feature Wichita artist Caitlin Penny and her whimsical, English-garden-with-an-edge inspired prints! She uses old-world printmaking techniques and pushes the process further with modern tools creating prints that are warm and colorful.


Drone Lawrence

Nathan Mize & Seth Sanchez

Lawrence, Kansas

Drone Lawrence is a creative collaboration between Nathan and Seth, born out of a shared passion for aerial photography and videography. Nathan, who started the company in 2018 as a student at KU, found his first client in a local apartment complex. It was there that Seth discovered Drone Lawrence's impressive work, sparking the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Initially focused on video shoots for a variety of clients, Drone Lawrence quickly discovered the power of aerial photography. With the ability to provide a unique perspective from above, Nathan and Seth have honed their skills and techniques to capture stunning visuals from Far Above the Golden Valley.

"At Drone Lawrence, we are driven by a commitment to innovation and creativity. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible with drone technology. With a passion for photography and a keen eye for detail, we are constantly exploring new techniques and ideas to capture the perfect shot. Our work is a reflection of our shared vision, a celebration of the beauty and complexity the town we love to call home."

To view each piece online, click here


Caitlin Penny

Wichita, Kansas

Caitlin Penny is a printmaker and aspiring author currently living and working in Wichita, Kansas. Caitlin spent her early childhood in the south London village of Chislehurst, Kent. As well as leaving her with a faint cockney accent, it also left an indelible mark on her later creative career. Inspired by the wild woods and thickets that grew just beyond her garden gate and the whimsical art and stories of Beatrix Potter, Caitlin grew up with a love for both the natural world and the fantastical world of literature.

After earning her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Washington University in St. Louis, Caitlin chose to combine her passion for literature and her skills as a relief printmaker. Her latest landscape prints are a visual extension of her current literary project. But what began as a visual outlet for some of her literary ideas has since evolved into a dynamic relationship between the art and literature, with the art directly inspiring the writing and visa-versa. The landscapes she creates, however, are not strictly narrative nor are they accurate representations of reality. Instead, they represent that moment when the barrier between imagination and reality becomes thin.

Caitlin’s creative process uses a combination of traditional printmaking techniques with the aid of modern technology. After drawing her image directly onto the woodblock used to create a relief print, she carves it with chisels and a dremel tool. The utilization of the dremel tool allows Caitlin to achieve a level of detail in her prints that would otherwise be impossible or exceedingly difficult with traditional chisels alone. Using several woodblocks printed together allows Caitlin to achieve a painterly look in her work.


Live music by local musician duo, The Twangles. The Twangles describe themselves as a dirty blues band that plays the kind of music you'd hear at a party in a spooky swamp! Multi-instrumentalist duo, the Twangles play a killer blend of way-out classics and your favorite pop songs reimagined in their own bluesy gypsy jazz style.


This exhibit will be in the Phoenix Underground Gallery, and the artists will be stopping by on opening night to discuss and promote their artwork. Be sure to like and follow our Facebook before the show so you can be kept up to date on events involving the May Final Friday exhibition.

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