Rebekah J. Designs - Earrings - 'Wave Hoop' (Silver) #17-SS
Rebekah J. Designs

Rebekah J. Designs - Earrings - 'Wave Hoop' (Silver) #17-SS

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The AWA Collection was born from a healing trip to Kauai, HI after a very difficult year. Seeking growth, coupled with feeling grateful for my health, I created the AWA Collection as a translation of the feelings that came from this magical place.
Water is an integral place for me, creating healing, focus, calm and always inspiration. We hope you find these pieces to be talismans of those very same things.

WAVE HOOP - hands down my best selling earring. These are part of my Classics collection and will be around forever, because they are that loved. Inspired by a healing trip to Hawaii these pieces remind me of the crest of the wave before it fully forms. Water is always a healing element for me where I go to have the sounds calm and inspire me.

Hand carved and lost wax cast in sterling silver. Clasp closure with a sterling silver ear wire.

Due to the nature of handmade items, products received may look different than the item pictured.